2024 prime lawsuit forever chemicals

 2024 prime lawsuit forever chemicals

Hey, guys, and welcome to another brand new article. In this article, we have a little bit more of a serious kind of conversation going on over here. And I'm not like a lawyer, and I'm also not someone who's like, I guess, more of a physicianly trained when it comes to delivering this type of news. But right now, we're seeing really big reports of an ongoing, like, lawsuit case, a potential lawsuit, when it comes to Logan Paul, and they're very popular drink prime hydration.

 Now, as I'm sure you guys probably know, the prime drink has been kind of memed on, but also promoted quite a bit. It's, number one, sponsoring a lot of really big events in terms of sporting, in terms of fighting, in terms of like soccer, football and all of that. But as well, they've also had a chance to market this quite a bit towards their audiences, you know, for like the Logan Paul KSI, even as a more recently the speed audience. Now, if you guys do drink it for whatever reason, I'm not gonna go and stop you. But right now at this point, we're seeing really, really bad reports that this is actually now being sued because it's containing massive harmful chemicals inside of the product itself, which is actually, some people are stating that this is actually in one drink itself, I believe is as much as three times the amount of what you should have in your entire lifetime in regards to contaminated water. 

So when you go talk about this, talk about this in general more, so warn people just in case, because I'm one of those people, maybe I'm a little bit extra, you know, cautious. I don't know. But if I have my kids drink this or someone I know drink this, that always would be a little bit concerned because, well, I don't want to end up having cancer. And some of these things are reportedly causing cancer as well. So we're going to talk about this. So if you guys want to subscribe, feel free to. If you guys want to be careful, please be careful and let's talk about the news. So, first and foremost, what is the big issue now? We've been seeing Reddit threads, we're now seeing TikToks, a lot of comments, which I know is probably not the best spot to kind of go and get your information from. But we're also actually seeing right now from Law.com, which is probably a better source to mention. But we're seeing it kind of spread up everywhere in other various social medias where the prime sports drink has been hit by a few different types of lawsuits. Now this is one that happened a few months ago and this is not the ongoing current one. Well, this is just kind of a highlight. 

This has been an ongoing issue for multiple different things as well with the product sayings. Prime Sports drink hit with consumer class action over allegations the drink contains toxic chemicals and harmful additives. And as well, basically like Law.com has had a chance to go note this. So I'm going to give you guys the quick brief on this and it kind of continues on where YouTube influencers known as KSI and Logan Paul were hit with a consumer class action over allegations that their sport drink, prime hydration,

is falsely advertised and marketed as healthy when it allegedly contains toxic purr and polyfluorochs, if I said it correctly, substances that have been shown to cause cancer. So this complaint was first surfaced by Law.com. SpacEY, Milburgh, Coleman, Bryson, Phillips, Grossman has filed a consumer class action on Wednesday against prime hydration, the sports drinks created by youtuber influencers Logan Paul and also KSI. And this is all in regards to the northern district of California. So basically this covers basically grape drink, which is I think also the big issue with as well with the ongoing stuff contains that the drink is falsely advertised and marked as healthy, which it totally is not, in all honesty, and filled with antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins. However, independent testing has revealed that the product contains per and polyfluoricols, which was basically the PFAAs. 

PFAS substances, synthetic man made chemicals which have been shown to have a number of toxical effects that have been associated with thyroid disorders, immuno autoxicity effects, and also developing various cancers. And this is why it's been crazy, because the product's only been marketed for around two years or so, raised $250 million in retail sales in its first year. And it's actually a really profitable drink, mainly from a lot of marketing and also just kind of pushing on this one. But a lot of people are concerned as of right this second because as they're testing the product, they've now determined that the product contains pfas, which is entirely inconsistent with the company's representation, and has called Castillo and punitive class members to have suffered injury in fat, including economic damages. So independent testing revealed significant levels of numerous pfsas, paas, whatever theyre called, with the amount of purofluoride octane sulfuric acid in the product exceeding the EPA's recommended lifetime health advisory for drinking water by approximately three times, alleged the complaint. So as of right this second, they're basically saying, like, this product has so much negative, like, cancer causing agencies that you're not supposed to even have this much in your entire lifetime. Like, it's meant for, let's say you're drinking tap water or whatever it might be, like water sitting out, whatever. 

Maybe like leave water outside for whatever, I don't know, whatever it might be. In theory, they may have trace amounts from this, from plastic or from, you know, other various metals, whatever that might end up in the water itself. It happens, but it's meant to be very, very trace amounts, if even that. But as well, there's also other various things such as, like the food coloring and stuff like that to add these colors to it, which obviously are all around bad. Like, if you guys want to drink it, that's fine. I'm not like, trying to be a hater on this one, but we're seeing a lot more, like, mentions on this now continuing this, also the conversations on these chemicals.

 And this is some big stuff to see. There are even some people that are saying this. This is just Reddit, so take it with a grain of salt. I've been in the beverage industry for a while. I have never even heard of this chemical before, and I have no idea why the they're adding it into the drinks. From the descriptions I'm reading, it doesn't seem to do that much for a beverage. And I can see it being useful in other industries, but not for food. This is a cheap way to try to preserve it. There are way better ways that aren't as harmful. Pasteurization, potassium sulbates or sulfites. I just don't know what there's going on there, but it's very shady too, as well. And basically, people are seeing this from like PF SAS or from waterproof coatings and products from like, wrappers, rain jackets and stuff, sharpies, permanent markers, and all these types of forms.

 And they're basically saying small amounts are in practically everything, and it's inevitable that you ingest a small amount of your lifetime, just like microplastics. And they're also saying, too, as well, that these are nettlesome when it comes to groundwater contamination. And they're basically indestructible, and it needs extreme pressure and heat to break the sea of bonds. And they move more at the groundwater, spreading rapidly from the source. And they also said that american tap water is by zelotic contamination with this. PFSA is already on top of that, too. So they're basically saying, this is not good. And they're saying that this is like, there's a lot of testing going on and people are meant to be careful. 

This could also be more so from the byproduct of the actual packaging and manufacturing to as well. Obviously some people are still upset about the cryptocurrency money too, as well. And they're basically calling them a con man and making fun of them, which I, depending on what comes out with this, this could be really, really potentially harmful. Cause if you guys ever do have this, even for this is like blue. The product that's mentioned is in the agency for toxic substances in disease registry.

  And they're basically talking about like, if you get exposed to this PFAS chemical that is inside the prime hydration, that this could be horrible for you. Like, this is rough. So basically it's a large complex group of synthetic chemicals that are used in industry and consumer products around the world since 1940s. They're used to make various everyday products. So if they say, for example, PFSA's are used to keep food from sticking to packaging or cookware, makes clothes and carpet resistant to stains, and creates firefighting foam that is effective. So it's strange because they're apparently using this in some regards to stick away from packaging or cookware. But there's also like basically the chemical that's made for clothing and carpets to resist some stains and is also used for firefighting foams. And what they're saying is like, hey, you might get a little bit in their blood too, as well, but you get it from drinking contaminated water, eating foods from areas from a contaminated soil and water, accidentally swallowing contaminated soil or dust, eating foods wrapped in materials that contain PFS asses. And that's basically maybe what the actual bottle is. Like the prime bottle itself may actually have that in the wrapper in production level or how they're making it. Or if you accidentally swallow residue or dust in these consumer products, such as stain resistant carpeting and water repellent clothing. So just for like a sake of example, this is basically something that's like on like a raincoat. 

You know how you have like a raincoat that's plastic and water bounced off of it? That's basically what these kind of chemicals actually are. And they're saying like, yeah, these can be held like linked hardcore for health problems in humans, including cholesterol, birth weights, lower immune systems from vaccines, kidneys, testacular cancer, testicular cancer, high blood pressure, pregnancy and changes, and also in your liver function. And like, this is like basically something you have to go test in your blood to make sure you're not overly exposed on this too, as well. They're also even saying in terms of pregnancy, this might be really bad. And just everything out there has kind of rough too, as well. Like, this is bad. So, yeah, this is like an ongoing now brand new lawsuit. And people are calling us on out and discussing this because it's becoming a lot more popping off. Like, a lot more people are bringing this up. Highlight this stuff too as well. And people are saying like, hey, like, I've been drinking this for a few days. 

Am I cooked? Am I going to be all right to it as well? And they're just like, not really sure why they can just go make it, like, you know, okay too as well. So apparently some people have been mentioning that they've addressed it before and they've talked about it before, but apparently as of right this second, it is still an ongoing lawsuit. The product is still technically being able to be sold. But at the same time, this has been getting like, a lot more media attention. It basically came out a few months ago. But I've been seeing a lot more people bringing this on up and highlighting the facts that this prime might be very, very, like, dangerous for you to go have as a person. So either way, like, if there's an ongoing litigation or class actions being formed in regards to this being an unhealthy product, please just be careful. If you like it, you drink it. You don't care. I don't mind. You do whatever you want to go and do. I'm not here to go and call out people or trying to go and be like, oh, this product's horrible, but at the end of the day, please make sure you guys are all right because these do have big links towards cancer. And just make sure you guys know what you're having in the first place. Do some research. If you want to drink it, drink it. Do whatever. It's not my life, but do whatever you want. 

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