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If you're listening on a podcast platform such as Spotify or Apple, please leave a five star rating and review. Well, folks, we got to start off by talking about the price of bitcoin. It touched 70k again today, but it's still moving sideways, still chopping between 68 to 71,000. So we've been patiently awaiting bitcoin to move upwards. 

Right, guys? Uh, but the good thing is, the more it consolidates, the more it grinds sideways, the more momentum it's going to build, to break out, to go to the upside. And remember, we are in a bull market. We are in the uptrend. Now, Adrian Zdunczyk, who's a great analyst, part of the crypto burb analyst group, he shared a great macro chart here showing a bullish ascending triangle forming here for bitcoin as it's chopping sideways and we could see a breakout. He said this month he's anticipating a target of $86,500. He said it's coming sooner than we'd expect. 

Now, he's a quality analyst. does great chart analysis, and I think he's right. Now, is there a probability that he could be wrong? Of course. But I think the higher probability is this scenario playing out versus the bearish. So we got the bitcoin having coming up. It's just a couple of weeks away. Uh, you have that narrative out there. We are in a bull market. Bitcoin is grinding sideways, and, uh, it could break out of this bullish ascending triangle and head up to that 86,000 target or higher. I think it could go to 90. Um, I have a range of 85 to hope it goes higher.

 I hope it could touch 100k by the, uh, you know, even if it's after they're having, that's fine. If it happens later till the end of the month, that that's fine. But if it hits 100, that would be amazing, folks. So we got to be patient. That's. That's the key here. And even if you don't hold bitcoin, you want this to happen, because the way the market flows and operates, and I don't make the rules, is just how it has operated historically, and how it is now is the liquidity will flow from bitcoin. So the more liquidity that enters bitcoin, the higher it goes, the more liquidity trickles down to the large caps, the micro caps and so forth. I'm talking about all coins, of course, and we can see also do really well. The other thing we've been monitoring is the DXY, the dollar currency index on the daily. Still looking bearish, but we got to let it keep breaking downwards. It is in a downward momentum now. 

So fingers crossed that it keeps breaking down, guys. And we know you guys know the story. If you're not a follower of this article, a listener, you know the deal. The DXY is crashing. That's great for risk assets like bitcoin and all coins. If it's pumping, that's bad. So if it keeps breaking down here and keeps showing weakness, I think we will have an incredible rally this month, and maybe retail will, more retail will wake up as we cross 80k or touch 90k. That would be pretty incredible, folks. Now we got some interesting news coming here from Teddy for sorrow, who's the president at Bitwise Asset Management.. He reported on the following USDT tether produced an estimated $6.2 billion in net income in 2023. That's 78% of the number Goldman Sachs did, which was at 7.9 billion, and 72% of Morgan Stanley's, which is at 8.5 billion. He said they have approximately 100 employees talking about tether. 

Goldman Sachs has 49,000 and Morgan Stanley has 82,000. Folks, the paradigm shift is taking place right before our eyes. The disruption, it's incredible. Crypto is the first true global asset class because of the blockchain. And you can be in any part of the world, as I've said many times, you have Internet connection, you can buy a fraction of bitcoin, you can buy a couple dollars worth of USDT or other stable coins. So this is why we've been seeing the fight from Elizabeth Warren and Gary Ganser and a lot of the tradfi incumbent folks, they are getting disrupted. They don't like tether or Coinbase or ripple or anybody else making more money than them. They've controlled this game forever. So they're fighting back. 

They're pulling their political campaign donation strings, right? Pulling Elizabeth Warren and Gary Genzer as the puppets to try to attack this industry, to try to kill the startups, to try to kill what's happening in crypto now. Are they trying to kill crypto itself? I don't think so. And the proof is in the pudding that Blackrock and fidelity and all of Wall street have issued Ethereum ETF's. They are tokenizing on the blockchain, Blackrock custody's, USDC stablecoin reserves and much more. They want to own it. They want to take, take it over because the capital is leaving their tranfire investments and going into crypto. And they see the dynamic that this first truly global asset class has and that is to bring in incredible amounts of capital for the first time in history. Because if you think about certain markets, ETF's and stocks and so forth, they're not available globally, only in certain regions and countries. Right. 

Not everyone can access the New York Stock Exchange. So. But they can access bitcoin, almost anybody with an Internet connection, folks. And that is a game changer. And once again, it's verifiable because of the blockchain. Because even if you were to do some things with the stock market, it becomes pretty hard to track when you go to other regions and so forth. But the blockchain is the game changer, folks. So this is why all the fight, this is why all the pushback. This is why we are in the then they fight you phase. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. So it's fascinating. And here's an article coming out of South Korea, folks. 

This is very interesting because it's very similar to what's been happening here in the United States. South korean party bets on us bitcoin, ETF access for votes. South Korea's political parties are pledging crypto related incentives to attract voters ahead of a parliamentary elections. Folks, what do we see here in the United States on Super Tuesday? Pro crypto candidates won and those who aligned themselves to Elizabeth Warren lost. Right. We are seeing that dynamic taking place here. What did we see with the republican presidential candidates? A good amount of them, Vivek, Ron DeSantis and so forth. RFK Junior, even though he's an independent pro crypto, putting out their ideas on how to regulate crypto. Just this past week, RFK Junior put out a video saying he's the better candidate for crypto versus Biden. It's amazing what's taking place. Crypto is a ballot issue. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not the top issue for most folks, but it may be number four or number five. Right. And as you have more of the population that's holding crypto, why the hell would they vote for someone who's going to destroy their investment? Right. It just makes sense so we're just seeing the people who are aligning themselves against crypto, they're going to get defeated. 

They are on the wrong side of history. So it's incredible what's happening, not just the United States, but globally. So let me continue here. According to a Bloomberg report on April 5, the opposition Democratic Party has vowed to remove restrictions on domestic and international trade exchange traded funds directly holding crypto tokens, including United States based spot bitcoin ETF's. Following the approval of bitcoin ETF's in January, South Korea's securities regulator warned that local distribution of these ETF's could violate domestic laws. Here's a quote. We're going to allow the ETF's, whether domestic or overseas, the Democratic Party's oh my gosh. I can't pronounce this guy's name, but the last name is Choi, so I'm going to say Mister Choy or misses, Choi told Bloomberg, citing the group's manifesto. Apologies that I cannot pronounce it. It's h w a n s e o k, so please forgive me for that. Also, hoping to capitalize on crypto voters, President Yoon Suk yul's People Power Party pledged to delay taxes on digital asset profits scheduled to take effect in 2025. Folks, do you see what's happening here? I. It is incredible. And I've been here since 2016, and I'm telling you, this was not something that happened. It was taboo. You. You couldn't even mention it, man. But how things have changed. And this is the sign of adoption, growth, penetration into society, pop culture, and the political realm, folks, crypto is winning. It is growing globally. That's why I've been saying it's the first truly global asset class. Incredible, folks. And I think crypto will play a factor in the upcoming elections, um, and then in future elections, the United States as well. 

Now, folks, quick word from our sponsor. And that is Vechain, which is one of the top layer one enterprise blockchains out there building incredible web three and decentralized applications and ecosystems. Vechain is working with many big brands around the globe, including PwC, BMW, Walmart, China, and also they recently partnered with the Boston Consulting Group. I've been a holder of the vet token for years. I'm very bullish on this project. Vechain's blockchain has low energy consumption. Consumption. It also has great speed and security. That's why many enterprises are utilizing Vechain. So if you'd like to learn more, visit the link in the description or go to vechain.org. All right, folks, we've got some crypto funding news. It's very fascinating to see the capital that's coming in from VC's and investment firms and where that capital is going. Here's the headline. Funding wraps Solana based Ellipsis draws an ethereum heavy cap table so the developers behind Solana based decentralized exchange Phoenix have just secured $20 million in a series A funding round for their startup. Ellipsis funding was led by Paradigm, with support from Electric Capital and other industry leaders. Notably public Ethereum figures also supported the development of ellipsis. These include Ethereum researchers Justin Drake and Mike Neuter, Tim Biko, who runs protocol support at the Ethereum foundation, and Eigen layer founder Shriram Canon. And I apologize if I butchered that. Um, so we're seeing capital flowing info, which is a healthy sign for the market. Uh, the younger Vanek raises $12 million. So Nick van Eck, uh, that sounds like the basketball player. 

Nick van Exel, the heir to the investment management firm Vanek landed $12 million for his stable coin startup Agora in a seed round led by Dragonfly Capital. Um, so I had covered this news earlier in the week. Um, so it's interesting. The stable coin wars are heating up. You got a new stable coin coming here? Ripple announced they are launching a stable coin on the XRP ledger. So it's fascinating. Other notable fundraisers included paradigm, which is in talks with investors to raise an $850 million fund. Folks that's going to go to crypto, say, reveals that it will be injecting $10 million into its NFT ecosystem. Merkel trade secured 2.1 million for a social perp decentralized exchange. Zion raised $25 million for an abstraction focus blockchain. So the capital keeps flowing in, folks. We get some crypto hiring news as well. Brevin Howard's crypto arm Navs Revolute engineer so many of you may know Brevin Howard, big investment firm before crypto, and then they started dabbling in crypto and created a crypto specific arm. So investment management platform. Brevin Howard Digital recently hired Dimitri Milanev as a senior software engineer. Prior to joining Brevin Howard Digital, the London based engineer worked in Revolut's crypto arm, where he held the position of lead back end engineer. This appointment comes soon after Brevin Howard's decision in January to join an institutional effort to tokenize funds enabling liquidity to flow into assets that would otherwise be sitting idly, folks, some of the biggest players in even tranfire getting involved. Now I had covered this news early in the week. This is binance. Add some interesting folks to its board of advisors and directors.

 So I'm not going to repeat that. But some other notable hiring news include fresh off a $55 million round succinct is looking to hire Bain Capital crypto welcomes a new venture partner the former head of strategy at layer zero Rio foundation hires former Bitgo Coinbase and Figment executives. Fluent welcomes new Dev rel engineer say has hired Jack Lipstone for business development. So, uh, the building, the investing, the hiring, the expansion continues, folks, which is a great sign. Now, Dy DX, some of you may have heard of this, uh, platform, some of you may have not. Uh, the DY DX community approves 20 million token stake as network activity source the proposal passed on April 6 with 91.7% of votes in favor, allowing tokens from the community treasury worth over $61 million at current prices to be staked with liquid staking protocol stride according to Dy DX, the move is a response to the growing trading activity on the protocol. Here's a quote. 

The rate of Dy DX being staked to validators has plateaued and deposits to the exchange are growing at a tremendous pace. Over 140 million USDC is held in Dy DX version four, of which roughly $100 million arrived in the past week. So this is interesting. Well, I don't know too much about this platform, but this is something that's going to make me start to research more about it. You know, some people often ask me, do you hold this token? Do you hold that token? Look, it's impossible to invest in everything. I don't have that much capital and I don't want to spread myself too thin and I want to invest in things that I've done my research in and that I understand and that I believe in based on the potential, the utility, the adoption, and much more. So this is great news though, if you are participating and hold the Dy DX token.

 Now folks, let's wrap it up here by talking about what's happening in the market using data from santiment. For the most part, over the past day, meme coins are seeing a good amount of improvements. Dogecoin is the leader amongst the meme coins, up 7.16%, followed by Shiba Inu, which is up about 2.18%, and other altcoins that are doing okay that are somewhat in the green include ethics, uh, sheba, it looks like lido state ETH, polka dot. Also polka dot. It's looking bullish on the chart, by the way. Link and Matic were also seeing improvements over the past day or so, but not too much movement, you know, bitcoin still chopping sideways as we talked about earlier. Uh, let's take a look at the top trending tokens on social media versus the nervous network CKB, which is, uh, the token symbol, uh, with positive sentiment. I've not heard of this before. Coming in at number two is dogecoin with positive sentiment.

 Number three, solana here with positive sentiment. E cash x e sees the ticker symbol, comes in at fourth with a positive sentiment. Then we got a number five, multi bit mubai mu bi is the token symbol positive sentiment as well? Lever five, never heard of that. High positive sentiment coming in at six, ethereum. And number seven with positive sentiment, a biconomy, I've not heard of that. Bico B I C O is the ticker symbol that comes in at eight with positive sentiment. Limewire, so many of you know the token was issued when this brand was revamped and brought back to life on the Algorand blockchain. So high positive sentiment we got here. NFTX hash mass index. The token symbol is mask, m a s k coming in at ten with positive sentiment as well. So those are your top trending tokens on social media, folks.

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